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Texas Storage Auctions – Tips for Success

Those participating in Texas storage auctions for the first time are strongly advised to attend the event with four things: mobile phone (preferably with Internet connection), laptop (or any device that has an Internet connection), money, and a truck or utility vehicle that can carry a huge amount of stuff.  The mobile phone is for communication purposes, such as calling one’s bank manager to find out how much they can still afford to spend in the auction.  The laptop or any Internet-capable device is critical for verifying the estimated worth of certain objects or assets that are offered as part of the auction.  Participants should also have ready cash and a truck available because winning bidders are usually given only 24 to 48 hours to pack everything up they have won in the auction.

Observation skills are critical when participating in Texas storage auctions.  Most of the time, bidders are not allowed to rummage through the contents in a storage unit or area.  They are allowed to view it from the door and only for a short amount of time.  That is why having keen observation skills is a big help; it allows bidders to better assess the estimate value of the entire storage unit and determine whether it is something they will find useful or profitable.

As mentioned earlier, Texas storage auctions have strict deadlines when it comes to taking away won items.  That is why individuals are advised not to make a bid if they do not have the necessary resources to take everything away in one to two days’ time.